At Just Nails, we offer  five types of system to our clients:

  • Creative™ Acrylic - The most popular product we would use and 2 of our nail technicians are Creative™ Acrylic Masters
  • CJPTM Acrylic - This allows a full variety of choices of colours including glitter. This product tends to be a lighter product.  
  • SNSTM Dipping System - This is a combination of acrylic and resin which gives a harder finish than just a gel polish.
  • Fibreglass / Silk - Some clients prefer to have this type of product, which is lighter.
  • UV Gel - Always available for clients.

Not all products suit every client and clients would often like a particular type of product applied because they have been recommended by their friends or they may have read about different systems.

Telephone No.: (01423) 520089 Creative™ Acrylic Masters