Treat your nails with the same care that you would lavish on your natural nails if they were of the same length.

Do your daily chores as normal, just remember the new length of your nails and try to use the pads of your fingers. The following tips may help you:

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do not use cleaning products containing solvents
  • Use the sides of your fingers to pick things up
  • When using the telephone, dial with a pen or pencil
  • Use knuckles or the pads of your fingers to operate switches, etc.
  • If your nails are too long, purchase one of our files and shorten them
  • Do not use your nails as tools
  • Use rubber gloves when doing housework or gardening - A little cotton wool in the ends of the fingers gives added protection
  • When decorating, avoid turpentine or brush cleaner

It is advised to book your next appointment before you leave the salon, for about two weeks' time. This gives you more opportunity to get the technician, the time and the day that you need. Infills are very important as these appointments allow the technician to check the health of your natural nails and to fill the growth area, in order to stop the extensions becoming top heavy.

You may change the nail varnish colour as often as you wish, but make sure you use the non-acetone varnish remover. We always have these in stock.


DO NOT attempt to remove the extensions yourself. They should be removed professionally. Damage can occur to the natural nail if this process is not carried out correctly.

Products you may need to look after your new nails:

  • Non-acetone varnish remover
  • Emergency nail glue
  • Nail varnishes
  • Cuticle oil

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